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We realize that every client is unique, and that’s why we offer both custom services, and a series of flexible design bundles. Design bundles provide cost-effective packages to make your decision easier. For clients who choose Valis for their design work, we also offer discounted rates for our hosting services.


Coiled-webpageCoiled Juices is a Toronto based eliquid startup supplying the growing e-cigarette market. The goal in designing the Coiled website and logo was to create a brand that appeals to a slightly more sophisticated vaper, to make it stand out amongst the plethora of more cartoony vaping websites.




web-_0003_ampAs a growing Toronto based talent agency, AMP needed to modernize their website from a Flash design laden with sound effects and difficult to manage talent roster to a site that would allow them to easily manage their talent roster. We designed the new look and provided a customized WordPress install that made additional use of business grade plugins to provide a flexible, modern interface.



web-_0001_snowA creative director who has worked with a number of top international brands, Robert Snow wanted not only a unique new look for his site, but one that would be able to serve up his portfolio pieces to clients with support for a responsive design on modern smartphones and tablets. We worked closely with Robert Snow on both the visual design and functionality.



uplay-siteUplay2’s mission was to unite music students with music teachers, and provide scheduling and payment services through a web-based interface. We enabled students to book lessons, as well as give teachers the ability to customize their availability, and handle payment processing without leaving the site. The service has grown, and we’re working with this emerging startup to entirely re-brand under the new name Tootyr.



web-_0000_practicalThe Practical Dead is an online comic series, drawn on traditional comic art board, and scanned in. Since the story is presented in black and white, the theming of this WordPress based site had to be quite particular. We opted for a coloured theme, using a restricted palette of yellow and orange. The end result is a bold design that manages to add colour to the site, while giving a visual punch to the artwork



web-_0002_rgbA pop culture and tech news site based in Toronto, the goal of the site design was to make something that was more than just a blog listing, with featured and headline articles. Besides web design, a widemedia distribution model has been leveraged by rgbFilter for their audio and video content.


AMP Group

web-_0002_rgbHaving worked with AMP previously, they returned for a brand new site designed around their emerging original content division, AMP Entertainment. The new site required a clean, responsive design, as well as access to password-protected content for their clients.

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